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It's been a while since I updated my website but now is the perfect time. I have been working on my latest novel; The Stiletto Stalker for three years and it is finally over. I am currently working on two novels. Both are dramas and both have the twists and turns that you have come to love in my novels. Kamping Kronicles; Volume 1 will be something you aren't expecting and The Teachers Lounge will be...well let's just say, these teachers give a whole new meaning to reading, writing and recess. Check out my FB page as I will be posting short videos about each upcoming novel AND I will also be having a contest for best cover concept. The winner will get their cover concept on my book.  While you are here, make sure to subscribe to my website; it's below. If you haven't already done so; follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Who knows what secrets might pop up there. 

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